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Sale! Color Street Address Label, Color Street Return mail Label #1


Add your information to the personalization field:
• Name
• Your address for label

This is a digital product (download file). I do not print paper cards and do not deliver.
Add your information in personalization box:
• Name
• Your address for label
If you did not write the information when ordering, you can send it to me via Etsy conversation.
You get in this order:
• 2x Personalized .jpg file – 2.66″ x 0.83″ with bleed (2.78″ x 0.95″) RGB/CMYK
• 1x Personalized .PDF file – 2.66″ x 0.83″ with bleed (2.78″ x 0.95″) CMYK
• Other cards with this design
Business cards:
Twosie Challenge Postcard:
The color after printing may be slightly different from what you see on the monitor, this is normal, because different color schemes are used for the image on the screen and for printing on paper.
1. You will receive ready-to-print files 1-2 days after payment (except for weekends).
2. Download link will come to you via e-mail and in conversation Etsy.
3. These are not editable files (JPG).
4. Some changes in the layout are possible, but the basic design (fonts, colors, composition) does not change. If you want to change something in the design, please contact me before ordering.
5. Files ready for professional and home printing, 300 dpi resolution (RGB/CMYK).
6. Print online (Vistaprint, Office depot, etc.) use the files marked “with bleed / CMYK”
7. I make a “bleed” size 0.12 inches, it’s suitable for Vistaprint and most other print shop. But some (e.g. Staples) need a different size (0.25). Let me know if you need a bleed other than 0.12”.
8. I do not modify or correct your information (copy-paste into the layout), which you include in the notes when ordering. Be careful to avoid mistakes. But you can contact me for correction, if you make a mistake, I will fix it for free.
9. Files which I you send you you you can print in any quantities.
If you have any questions, let me know, I will be happy to help.
Making a purchase at my store in agree with its terms and conditions.
Terms of use:
1. Purchased goods are not for commercial use (resale, paid rent, etc.) Only for your personal use.
2. I can’t affect the quality and colors of the final product print. This may not be grounds for cancellation of the order.
3. To download files, use a desktop computer or laptop. Errors may occur when using a smartphone.
4. Copyright on all products and its image belongs VicProDigital and no one else.
All logos, brand names and authors of images used for evaluation of the product images belong to their respective owners, аnd are not objects of sale.
If you believe that your copyright or intellectual property is somehow infringed, please contact the store owner for a settlement.
Thank you for visiting my store!


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